Welcome to Kirdar Academy

In our three divisions, we offer a developmentally challenging program of studies that is individualized for different types of learners. We support, challenge, and empower students by researching and using proven instructional strategies in the classroom.

Elementary School Section

Welcome to the Kirdar Academy Elementary School Section! Life in the Elementary School is challenging, fast-paced, and fun. Our educational programs are designed to help students develop the skills, understanding, and attitudes that will support their success in school and in life. As we move through the processes of inquiry, discussion, decision-making and reflection, students develop an understanding of themselves, of other people and of our world.

These talents and dispositions are fostered in a secure, supportive, multicultural environment characterized by honesty, respect and caring. By putting students at the center of their own learning, it is our hope that they develop the courage, optimism and resilience to dream big and persist in the face of obstacles.

Middle School Section

Welcome to the Kirdar Academy Middle School Section! At Kirdar Academy, we support and encourage each Middle Schooler on the road to independence. This is a time of great growth, exploration and personal discovery and we believe it is our role to inspire in our students the courage to reach their individual potential.

We believe that every child can learn and that our diversity will teach us about perspective, culture, differences, similarities, compassion, conflict, and consensus. Experiences at Kirdar Academy will help students understand their own values, goals and views of the world and help them become more confident and capable.

We encourage each student to enjoy their time as Kirdar Academy, to learn from their peers and to embrace their ability to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. We look forward to and celebrate the opportunity to prepare Middle Schoolers for a changing and increasingly global world in the 21st century.

High School Section

Welcome to the Kirdar Academy High School Section ! Students in the High School engage in a rigorous course of study that incorporates the 21st Century skills students will need as they move toward independent life in university and beyond. With these skills and a well-developed sense of optimism and integrity, students have the courage to question convention and think differently about the challenges facing themselves and our world.

This entrepreneurial spirit is fostered in a structured, yet intimate, environment. The High School is large enough to offer many academics to extracurricular opportunities, yet small enough so that all students become well-known by their teachers and peers. Students have the opportunity to develop and pursue their passions and truly have an impact on their areas of interest. As a result, each student stands out because talents and gifts are allowed to flourish in a unique way.